BAD SHOT! Gunman Couldn’t Shoot Straight in Quiet Pel Bay

BAD SHOT! Gunman Couldn’t Shoot Straight in Quiet Pel Bay

(Photos by Edwin Soto)

By David Greene

BRONX- Police are trying to unravel the mystery of how a gunman, who couldn’t shoot straight, sent Pelham Bay residents into a panic.

Police are looking for the mysterious gunman who apparently unloaded his weapon without hitting anyone-- and fled the scene before police arrived.

Offering few details, police would only confirm a weapon was discharged outside of the Capital One Bank, 3049 Buhre Avenue, at Jarvis Avenue, in Pelham Bay at 1:45 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6.

Police shutdown the bustling street during the height of the afternoon foot traffic.

A source at One Police Plaza confirmed the shooting outside the bank, only offering, "There was a report of shots fired at the location." The source added, "There were no reported injuries in this incident."

A nearby business owner recalled the incident, stating, "I was eating lunch in the back and I heard some noise... It was a couple of shots, but some say it was 10 - 12 shots. We really don't know exactly. I was in the back, I thought it was firecrackers."

"Everybody was wondering what happened," the source continued, "we were thinking that they held up the bank, everybody thought the same thing."

The police official noted that no robbery was reported at the location and no description of the gunman was immediately available.

Police continue to investigate.

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